Saturday, March 18, 2006

Time to Let Go

There is a real openness, associated with ease and fullness of breathing, which is utterly different from all conceptions of openness. It can’t be manufactured.

In moments of letting go in Zazen, I have experienced this real openness. Just odd moments. In this blog I have endeavored to bear witness to how useful, in this regard, I have found Alexander work. Alexander work has given me the first odd glimpse into what Nagarjuna must have meant in the last verse of the madhya-maka-karika when he wrote of “relinquishing all views.”

Through the winter I have spent a lot of time working on this blog, probably too much time. Has any good come of this endeavor? I am afraid not. I don’t know.

It has been an unusually cold March here in England. But soon the blue-tits will be scouting around for a good nest box. It is already getting to be nice weather for Zazen.


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