Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Further Readings from the Birdsong Sutra

(1) Every birdsong I hear preaches to me the principle of individual freedom. And yet, when you watch what is going on around the bird feeder, the birds are clearly very much aware of a definite pecking order. A sparrow who ignores it is liable to get a starling's sharp beak up its arse. The feisty little acrobat the blue tit seems to enjoy skirting the edges of the Law. There are four or five starlings, squawking and fighting like juvenile delinquents, each of them very nearly as big as a blackbird, and yet the solitary blackbird ignores them totally. He evidently knows that a blackbird is above a starling in the pecking order, regardless of numbers, and the starlings know it too.

(2) Praise be to the second law of thermodynamics, and thanks again to bubbha for bringing it to my attention. I put out sunflower seeds and peanuts, whose energy, in its never-ending quest to disperse itself spontaneously, manifests itself as the chirps of sparrows, the tsee-tsee-tsee of blue-tits, and the fluting song of the blackbird.


Blogger Michael Tait said...

Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
take these broken wings and learn to fly,
All my life, I have just been waiting for this moment to arrive.

Hi Mike, Mike here,

It makes no difference whether we post a profile or not, it makes no difference at all. Something ineffable is your addition. Odd of you to demand a profile however given that you already know who I am and have refused a face to face introduction because of the company I keep. Too close to the bone, to the marrow I venture. The fiery breath of virtual demons is somewhat easier to endure than that of the corporeal variety met out on the land.

Odd in that no-one else who posts has expressed an interest in the identity of a Floating Weed, just you and you already know. What are you doing? Unmasking a mask to a gang of masks....

For those who might wish to know (if anyone is still reading this) the master of Floating Weed/Michael Tait/Kendo is Michael Eido Luetchford to whom I make prostrations here, there and everywhere, to whom I cannot express the extent of my gratitude.

Something caught me here, something I recognised in myself, that echoed there but alas, it will have to remain there echoing. Some bird feeders only appear to feed specific breeds that haven't used next door's facilities so I shall follow my heart and sod-off next door where all birds are fed to their heart's content.

Monday, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Mike Cross said...

Thank you, Mike.

No, I have not refused a face to face meeting with you. I said I wanted time to think about it.

"The fiery breath of virtual demons et cetera, et cetera..." is just the product of your very vivid, very excellent, very poetic imagination.

I feel that things would have been a lot more simple if you, aka Floating Weed, and Peter, aka Ordinary Bloke, had been more straight from the beginning about who your teacher was. That recognition has been part of my blogger learning curve. In future I shall be more wary of responding to comments from people who don't show their profile.

For the moment, Mike, Don't hold your breath.

Monday, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Pete, an ordinary bloke. said...

Floating Weed, a few years ago a friend of mine took exception to something that Mike Cross had written in an email. Sitting across the table from him in a greasy spoon I suggested to my friend that he challenge Mike Cross to a full contact knock down contest. He knew by my expression and the tone of my voice that I was only joking. He knew what I meant.
I am not suggesting for one moment that you should challenge Mike Cross to a full contact knock down contest in a dojo and knock six bells out of him, shake his hand and then buy him a pint down the pub. No! I am not saying that because you cannot see my face and you cannot hear my voice so you cannot tell whether or not I am joking. But Floating Weed, when it comes to posting you are well able to stand up for yourself. Remember that Mike Cross used to pop up all over the place in Nishijima Roshi’s blog.
Feed next door by all means but if you see any tasty seeds in Mike’s garden hop across the fence and take them. Splash around in his bird bath and squawk at his backdoor, but out of deference don’t crap on his head.

As for craping on heads I don’t think I ever craped on yours Mike, well not intentionally anyway. And Mike, believe it or not it was only a couple of weeks ago during a chance meeting on a bus that I discovered the “true” identity of Floating Weed. The issue of my teacher never arose until Zero (where is he by the way?) wrote something about Mike Luetchford that I thought was derogatory.

Incidentally in the same email to my friend you said something that made a deep impression on me. You said zazen was like hunger for porridge. Like hunger for porridge!

Cheers and best wishes

Monday, March 13, 2006  
Blogger MikeDoe said...

You live and learn.

So it was FW not MC who you could argue was BPD...

Shakespeare could not write this stuff better.

So in all this back-and-forth, MC claimed to be a fraud but was not. FW claimed to be ineffable but was a fraud.

Everyone claimed that everyone else was a mirror but really people were just full of shit.

Maybe they were buckets?

Anyway, MT/ML/FW or who-ever you are, you still have my thanks for past actions.

As for me, well who cares.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006  
Blogger Mike Cross said...

Thank you, Pete.

Yes, be hungry for porride. In other words, don't give yourself airs. When I say that to others, I am saying it first and foremost to myself.

Floating Weed gave himself the airs of one who knew. And do you know what? I fell for it. I believed him.

But don't say that a man called Michael Tait made a fool of me. No. I made a fool of myself.

With renewed clarity, I see that it doesn't do us any good to give ourself airs. Teachers who have realized the truth already, preach it, inevitably, without pretense. Students who seek the truth should not give themselves airs of having realized it already, but should go begging on hands and knees with an empty cup.

When I go to visit my teacher next Tuesday, I shall endeavor to be like that, knowing nothing, with an empty cup.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006  
Blogger Michael Tait said...

I am pretentious and poetic, a very human messy pile of other contradictions as well. If you knew me in the real world you'd know that for sure. There was always a real person tap, tap tapping. I have tried to express something here in my silly way. How can Mike Cross be 'taken-in?' If you do not find sincerity in my words then I have failed to express it. For me in expressing this, a descent into poetry is inevitable. I cannot avoid my silly way, it is my way. I am confronted with its sillyness all the time.

My real form does not meet exotic expectations but worse, has unacceptable associations. I assure you however I am sincere and have not made false claims to anything. An online cypher called Mike Cross caught another called Foolish Thing by the toe so he wriggled away to become a Floating Weed but was still pursued. A conversation ensued that has been a valuable process. To deny Floating Weed after all this is to deny the usefulness of that process, which would be a shame. The cypher Mike Doe, despite having his tongue in a most unhygienic place at least recognises that. There was no intention anywhere to make Mike Cross foolish. I still recognise something there.

After years of searching and practising with false teachers, my teacher won my respect effortlessly almost as soon as I met him and that has only deepened. Teachers must first prove themselves to be teachers before filling a students cup. I have a few great teachers like this. If I had not approached them with some caution I would have spent a great deal of time with charlatans. Our practise is inundated with charlatans. I wish my cup to be empty but I keep on filling it up you see.

My apologies for any offence I have inadvertently caused. My best wishes to the Cross tiger and all the Buddha bloggers. With that I will go and empty out that cup again.

Mike/FW/FT off and out.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  
Blogger Mike Cross said...

Thank you Mike/Floating Weed/Foolish Thing.

Clever insincerity can produce a lot of beautiful verbal images.

But true sincerity does not know itself.

MJL taught you the words, using my words, that the Buddha-nature is being without.

Being without what? You have not begun to understand, not even in a dream.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  
Blogger Michael Tait said...

Yes, you are probably right, I don't really know.

Oddly, that Robin has just found my new feeder - will wonders never cease!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  
Blogger Mike Cross said...

Between you, me, and our red, red, friend, I'll let you into a secret: I don't either.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  

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