Saturday, March 11, 2006

James Cohen: Hypocrite (in his own words)

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Dear All,

There has been some talk this week among various Zen teachers in America on the subject of "Right Speech" and "Loving Words," and various teachings of the Vinaya. The Vinaya folk are good at keeping a peaceful atmosphere in the Sangha. I thought they might be helpful to all of us too.

If a balanced, peaceful mind and body within, balanced and peaceful words and action without. If the latter are missing, rather a dead give away the the former is missing too, I think. And the latter help cultivate the former too.

Peace, Jundo

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Dear Mr. Cross who is always cross ...

I have read your recent interchange with Sensei. In fact, I have read many of your interchanges with Sensei going back years. I cannot hold my tongue any longer. I wish to speak to you personally, as your Dharma Brother.

First ... I think most of us practice Buddhism to have balance of life, to be centered in life, to "just be" in life. Ours is the way of peace and the avoidance of anger.

You say you have some other AT way.

However, all I see from you is someone who is most unbalanced in his words, disturbed, and "just being" a complete putz. Does the "Alexander Technique" result in such a lack of peace and flood of anger?

I once was very interested in your words about your "Technique," but if the purpose of the technique is to turn the student into a person like this, then please keep your "Technique." I am quite content to do my Zazen the "wrong" way because it works in my life and I do want to be like you. And while you have many suggestions about where to stick the head and neck, I could also offer you my own suggestion about where you might "stick it"...


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