Saturday, March 11, 2006

James Cohen: Nasty Piece of Work (in his own words)

In a message dated 17/01/2006 10:00:37 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Brother Mwc748109, Pressed Palms,

I would like to recommend to you: Just clam up (i.e., be quiet), get up and be gone.

Please go practice the way of SILENT illumination. Leave the teacher alone (although Sensei certainly can take anything you dish out). You have been asked to depart, have been booted out of the monastery with your bowls and tossed after you. Farewell. I hope you find peace.

I do not mean to always stick my nose into these things, but find I must speak up when people try to punch around or otherwise abuse my teacher. Elder abuse! Speaking of Freud, I would love to know just what kind of relationship, or lack thereof, you had with your real papa.

Gassho, Jundo


"But the real situation is that (1) Master Kodo Sawaki never accepted you as a disciple"

Whose eye are you trying to throw mud in with this been of info. Our lineage (for what it matters) derives from one Master Renpo Niwa. I have never heard Nishijima Sensei claim Kodo Sawaki as more than a great influence, and one early in his life to boot. Anyway, what does it matter.


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