Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Mirror Principle Revisited Again

• Almost 800 years ago, Master Dogen wrote that the student may be compared to a piece of wood and a true teacher to a skilled carpenter.

• A couple of weeks ago, Gudo wrote on his blog his suspicion that one of the joint translators of Shobogenzo would like to erase the name and efforts of the other.

• Then Michael Luetchford indicated that Gudo seems to be becoming a sad old man who is losing the mind in confusion.

• Michael Luetchford wrote further that Mike has in recent times turned against Gudo.

• Then James Cohen wrote that while some students of Gudo, including himself quite often, can express Master Dogen’s wisdom, students of Gudo in general need to show more compassion. (Heard any good jokes recently, Jimbo?)

• Yesterday I protested that a good teacher should not try to teach others using bullying and intimidatory means, because fear fucks up the learning process.

• Responding to my protestations, Jeremy Pearson wrote me that Gudo was never a bully to him. Jeremy added that he always feels grateful for what Gudo taught him, and that anyone that knows me also knows that I too feel grateful to Gudo.

Just reflections.


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