Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Parting Shot

Dogen’s rules still enslave me.
I wish to let my neck be free.
A is A; B is B.
But A vs B can lead to C.

If A is the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, and B is the sympathetic branch, then A vs B is an autonomic matter -- one kind of unconsciousness against another kind of unconsciousness.

If A is gravity and B is levity, or if A is the wind and B is a person intending to open an umbrella, then A vs B may be a matter of unconsciousness vs consciousness.

But if A is a conscious decision to do, and B is a conscious decision not to do... then what?

I wonder if it will be another 750 years before anybody understands the meaning of this question.

On his blog, Gudo writes of knowing True Buddhism, as if there is something called True Buddhism, with a capital T and a capital B, that he knows. From where I sit, the Buddha’s teaching of the Middle Way encompasses truths that the Buddha knew but Gudo is very far from knowing, and furthermore Gudo, in his arrogance, does not even begin to suspect the depths of his own unknowing. I sincerely hope that I am not like that. I sincerely hope that it is not a case of “Like father, like son,” but I fear it probably is.

Anyway, I am off to the seaside for a few days, so if any good questions emerge, or any good jokes are heard, please save them up.


Blogger oxeye said...

A man is walking across a railway when suddenly his foot becomes stuck in the track. He tries to pull out but only jams it tighter. He hears a noise and turns around to see a train coming. He starts to pray, "God, please get my foot out of these tracks and I'll stop swearing!" He pulls on his foot but it is still stuck, and the train is getting closer! He prays again, "God, please get my foot out and I'll stop drinking AND swearing!" Still nothing..... and the train is just seconds away! He tries it one more time, "God please, if you get my foot out of the tracks, I'll quit drinking, swearing, and having sex." Finally, miraculously, he yanks his foot free of the tracks and is able to dive out of the way, just as the train passes!...

... He gets up, dusts himself off, looks Heavenward and says "Thanks anyway bitch, but I managed to free myself."

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