Friday, June 08, 2007

Letting the Other (4): No Net, No Cage


RA: nets
RO: cages
IMADA: yet
ITARAZU: not arrived

"Nets and cages have never arrived."

In the Gyoji chapter of Shobogenzo Master Dogen relates how his Master Tendo declined the gift of 10,000 pieces of silver. In all innocence, I asked Gudo why Tendo declined the gift. I couldn’t understand why. Gudo replied, “Master Tendo was just enjoying his simple life.”

I am going to stop posting now.

I have had enough of responding badly to people’s cheap views and opinions. From now on I am not going to tolerate or publish any more of those. I am going to make more use of the reject option.

But if you have an expensive question on Master Dogen’s rules of sitting-zen, please ask it, not only for your own benefit, and I will endeavor to answer it, not only for my own benefit.

My answer will undoubtedly be unduly wordy and complicated, not clear and simple like Master Tendo.

Are there any questions?


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