Saturday, July 14, 2007

Towards a Bit of Nothing

Head shaved following the traditional example of I do not know how many hundreds of thousands of nameless monks, body wrapped carelessly in a 9-striped kesa gorgeously sewn by Pierre Turlur, I wish to allow my neck to be free...

To allow the head to be directed forward and up...

To allow the back to lengthen and widen...

Altogether, one after the other... a little bit of nothing.


Blogger Mike Cross said...

These photos were taken in the space of a few minutes by my 14-yr old son, Dan, on the morning on which I created the post. I made a conscious decision not to make a fuss trying to put on a good show, not be too careful, but rather to remember who is my best friend!

My best friend, being wrong, is most conspicuously evident in the photo where I am bowing. In this photo, I am definitely not allowing my head forward and up. While thinking that I am thinking the forward and up direction, I am not really thinking the forward and up direction.

It is the same as the difference between sitting as body and mind dropping off [self-consciously] and sitting as body and mind dropping off [really].

While "wishing" (not really) the head forward and up, I am lifting my shoulders, tightening the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle (the rope like muscle you can see directly below my right ear), and thereby pulling the head back and down onto the spine and into the body.

Looking at this performance, I can just imagine what my Alexander teacher would say (or more likely shriek): "Oh my God! Not that!!! That is down. That is a bit of something!"

Sunday, July 22, 2007  

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