Sunday, February 11, 2007

HI-SHIRYO, Non-thinking (3): Further questions

Questions and answers on HI-SHIRYO, non-thinking, have not yet hit the target. So I would like to ask Gudo as follows:

When you make your effort for your spine to lengthen vertically, following the line of gravity of the earth, is that HI-SHIRYO?

Or when the spine lengthens vertically as if by itself, effortlessly, is that state of effortless ease HI-SHIRYO?

Which is one HI-SHIRYO? And which one is not HI-SHIRYO?

I would like to ask again, using a metaphor:

A concrete path leads to a river, on the other side of which is a grassy meadow. When I somersault across the river, on which side are my feet?


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