Sunday, December 17, 2006

Antagonistic Action (1)

I would like to say something about the principle of antagonistic action. There are many aspects of this great principle, and I would love to write a lot about several of them. But right now I am in the early stages of a cold, and so for the time being I am going to hang fire and, as far as possible, just bear witness to whatever is going on between the cold virus and my immune system.


Blogger Pete, an ordinary bloke. said...

So you want to say something about the principle of antagonistic action. If I should put a question to you about the down pull of gravity and the direction up will you reply with some bollocks about 12,ooo quid. I am looking forward to your post. Sorry to read about your cold. I hope it does not bring you down. Go well, Pete.

Thursday, December 21, 2006  
Blogger Mike Cross said...

Thanks, OB called Pete.

Yes, the antagonism between the downward gravitational pull of Mother Earth and our upward directed life-force is a really vital one.

Another vital (and closely related) aspect of antagonistic action, in Master Dogen’s teaching, is the antagonism between the feeling body, labouring against gravity under the influence of imperfectly integrated primitive reflexes and the associated problem of what Alexander called “unreliable sensory appreciation,” and the upward thinking mind.

In this age of “holistic hairdressing,” this latter aspect of antagonistic action is clearly understood by very few people.

But in my mission to clarify, little by little, this vital pivot of Master Dogen’s teaching, for self and others, I have succeeded and I will succeed.

Notwithstanding the long-term possibility that the bird flu virus may have other ideas, and notwithstanding miscellaneous temporary setbacks, I will succeed. Like the Alan Shearer of old taking a penalty, I am going to make sure that the ball ends up in the back of the fucking net.

Friday, December 22, 2006  

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