Monday, July 03, 2006

A Lion's Roar from 1227

To sit in the full lotus posture with the body requires a physical effort which we should make, four times a day if possible, for as long as we can manage.

To sit in the full lotus posture with the mind requires a mental effort which we should make as is necessary, using thinking as a bridge to go beyond thinking.

To sit in the full lotus posture as dropping off body and mind is a spontaneous process.

Because it is a spontaneous process I have used the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which describes all spontaneous processes, to explain it on this blog. But to practice and experience it for myself, I sit in the full lotus posture, four times a day, with body, with mind, shedding body and mind.

I encourage everyone to emulate my King of Samadhis, and to match my King of Samadhis. There is nothing special about me. The right direction is inherent in all energy -- yours as much as mine.

Therefore, in 1227, when the lion’s roar was heard for the first time in Japan, it sounded like this: DO MOTO EN ZU.
DO means the truth, the way, Bodhi, enlightenment.
MOTO means originally.
EN means roundly, totally, integrally.
ZU means to pervade.

So, literally “The truth originally is all pervasive.”

Or, for a more interpretative translation:
“The fundamental truth pervades throughout the Universe.”

Or, for a still more interpretative rendering:
“The direction inherent in all energy is expansive; energy has an inherent tendency to release out of itself -- both within and without the self.”


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